Problems upgrading from to 24.5.3

After trying to update to the latest version of doconut and not being able to view any more documents, I tried the previous version 24.5.3. I managed to make it work but when trying to use the watermark the following error appears, could you help me?

image.png (58.7 KB)

my viewer

var viewer = new Viewer
ID = “ctlDoc”,
ShowThumbs = true,
DebugMode = true,
AutoScrollThumbs = true,
ZoomStep = 25,
MaxZoom = 200,
Zoom = 50,
IncludeJQuery = true,
IncludeJQueryUI = true,
ImgFormat = ImageFormat.Png,
ImageResolution = _useHighResolutionOnMarkup ? 600 : 200,
AutoFocusPage = false,
BasePath = BasePathView,
LargeDoc = true,
// You will need to change the base path if the MVC project is inside a folder;
// eg. BasePath = “TestViewer”; if the Url is such: http://localhost:xxx/TestViewer/
FitType = “”,
TimeOut = 60, // After how many minutes of idleness, does the document free up memory
BorderWidth = 0,
ShowHyperlinks = true,
WatermarkInfo = “sample Text”

try to use SetWatermark but the erro is the same;
//viewer.SetWatermark(“TEXT waterMark”, Color.Red, new Font(“Arial”, 16, FontStyle.Regular), 100, 45, false);

Without the watermark the viewer works normally.


I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with the Doconut update. Since version 24.6.0 of Doconut is significantly more stable and optimized, and includes several major improvements that could resolve the issues you’re facing,

I will focus on assisting you with the other post you have created.

This way, I can help you update to the latest version of Doconut and address these issues effectively.