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Zoom functionality on mobile devices (pinch with fingers)

Hi there,

We use Doconut for many years now.
If we show a document in a browser on a iphone or android device we can zoom.
But is it also possible to pinch with your fingers to change the zoom percentage?

The problem is that users will use our app less and less due to the lack of this option.

Hope to hear from you

With kind regard,
Roy van Duist

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I understand the request perfectly, and it makes sense.

I will pass this information on to the DEV team, but I cannot promise or tell you if this will come out or when it will come out. But for sure, I will communicate this new request functionality with the most detail possible.

@carlos.molina ,

Thanks for your reply.
Let’s hope they implement this soon. :grinning:

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Is there any new information available about this issue?
You mentioned that you would send it to the DEV team. Have you happened to hear anything about it lately?

Kind regards,


I know it was added to the backlog, and there is a new version coming out soon. But from what I know, it is not included there. I cannot tell when features are included or removed from a dev sprint, but I haven’t heard that it is coming in the next one.

I am telling you this because I do not want to give you false expectations and think it may be coming soon in the next version.