What can influence performance

I would like to know what can degrade the performance of the viewer. especially with PDF files.
We have a client with several web servers. approximately 100 users per server viewing documents.
We see after a few hours a downgrade in the performance of the viewer. Usually when the document has several pages and it takes a long time to load and see the pages.
I want to know what can influence the performance of the viewer and what actions can i do even in
code in order to boost the performance.
Also, Can i know the time it takes to load the document and pages in the viewer ? can i take this statistic in some way from the viewer.


The performance of the viewer is directly aligned with the performance of the server. Available resources, like CPU, RAM, and Disk Usage, mostly.

As time passes the application itself may be degrading, and it is most noticeable to the viewer because requires the most resources, probably.

If you say you have 100 concurrent clients, they do not only have 100 instances of the viewer but the allocated resource on the container app itself.

So specifically determining which part is it, I cannot say with certainty.

Please, be sure to dispose of the viewer every time the client stops using it, just to ensure .NET disposes of any unused resource faster.

Also, I would suggest you try out our latest viewer as the version you are using is several years old.