Unable to view an 255MB Ebook file

Currently, I am using the MVC/Doconut.Ocr.Search.Core sample (using .net core + IIS server) to view the file.
I have an error when viewing the FOP-ATP-001 Air Law.pdf.
The file download link and error image are below.

error1.jpg (299.5 KB)
error2.jpg (141.7 KB)

Link file: FOP-ATP-001 Air Law.pdf - Google Drive

Below are the steps I take to set up and debug when I encounter an error returned by the customer.
error3.jpg (68.6 KB)

error4.jpg (136.1 KB)

error5.jpg (200.1 KB)

error6.jpg (192.1 KB)


Thank you for providing the information. I’ve been working on replicating the issue without success so far.

However, upon reviewing the JavaScript code you gave us in a screenshot for the dropzone function, I noticed that the maxFilesize parameter is set to 20 MB.

        url: "/Home/UploadFile",
        maxFiles: 1,
        paramName: "file",
        uploadMultiple: false,
        maxFilesize: 500, // Increase this value according to your file size limit, e.g., set it to 1000 for 1 GB.

Please adjust the maxFilesize value according to your specific file size limit. For example, if your file size limit is 1 GB, you can set it to 1000.

Feel free to let us know if the issue is resolved or if you need further assistance.