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Thumbnail Regarding Query

Is it possible to display the thumbnail view for all the documents?


The thumbnails are not handled by the document but by the page.

They are activated or deactivated in the control via the following boolean:


Is there a format that gives you no thumbnails?


let me clarify that I am not talking about the left sections where the doconut viewer display the page thumbnail.

Just like a google drive, it shows the last five documents in thumbnail view like wise we want to display the recent documents in our portal.

image.png (236.7 KB)



Thank you for the clarification, now I know what you mean perfectly, but at the moment we do not support that functionality.

I will raise this to the development team as a possible improvement for the future.

@carlos.molina, if you can provide us the tentative time will help us to check with other alternatives.


I know they are working on a new function to generate a small preview of a file’s first page, so you can use it as an image/icon to access it.

From what I heard, it will not be a massive process, like giving it a folder or an array of files, but a single file at the time. This way, you can control which files you want to generate the image/icon and where to save them, especially since some files may be very big and consume too many resources.

I am not sure if this will come out in the current version that is being developed or the next one. But it is coming soon since several users asked for something like this.

I hope this works for you. Any feedback will be passed by.