Search Plug-in missing

I recently procured the search add-on for the Doconut instance. when I try to interact with the objctlDoc.Search function in the JavaScript console, I get the Search Plug-in missing pop-up.

Current Setup:
I used the “Samples\NET Core\MVC\Doconut.Mvc.Core” sample code as the base of my application, with a few adjustments. I also upgraded to Doconut with a Search Add-on license

I am interacting with the Javascript object using the browser debugger, on the Sample “pdfsearch” the objtlDoc.Seaerch(“Key Works”, false) return the number of occurrence of the keywork. but on my Doconut.Mvc.Core I get the following pop-up message

image_2024-01-24_15-23-50.png (190.6 KB)


Thank you for your feedback. I tried the problem with the same development configuration but couldn’t replicate it.

To help you, I have created this sample project that has the Addon Search working fine with the latest version of Doconut, so you can test it in your development environment. (815.9 KB)

Let me know if the example works well with your license. Or if you discover any differences in your document viewer configuration when comparing with the sample

Thank you,
I found what I was missing, I need to include the search.js javascript to my index.cshtml page.

I also realized that the PdfConfig has an AllowSearch parameter that has to be explicity enabled for the search function to work on the document.

My Application is now working as expected, thank you for your assisitance




Great to hear that you found the solution!
If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.