RTL text in "docx" document

I uploaded a MS Office Word file to your MVC Demo
Because of the footer contains bidirectional text (Hebrew and English), the text is “jumping” and not displayed in the correct order. I cannot upload here the file because it has “docx” extension. (How can I send it?)
When you will get the file you would be able to compare the file visibility in office to its visibility in the demo.
I will be happy to hear you have a solution for this.


There is a button for uploading files to the post next to the preformatted text button or you can also drag & drop into the editor to upload them.

Please send your file so I can process it and check the error.

Ok, I zipped it because “docx” extension not allowed.
I wiil add more information - This file is generated by dynamics 365 word template.
file for check.zip (24.5 KB)


I have attached some examples of what it looks like on different platforms. The Doconut viewer displays text in the same way as Microsoft Word on Windows.

Doconut Viewer

Microsoft Word Windows

In Microsoft 365 Online and Google Docs, it looks the other way.

Microsoft 365 Online

Google Docs

I would appreciate it if you could attach an image of how this example footer should look. This way we can check if it is a local configuration or viewer problem.

Thank you so much for checking it.
It should look like that:
image.png (7.8 KB)
(As Google Docs & Microsoft 365 Online)


I ran a few tests and found that the issue is linked to how the file is saved.

In Microsoft 365, where the file appears correctly, I saved and exported the .docx file.

Afterwards, I uploaded it to MVC Demo and the footer displayed in the correct direction.

Furthermore, in Microsoft 365, you have the option to adjust the text direction setting under the “Paragraph” menu.