React js

I am trying to use Doconut in my ** .Net6 with React solution.
I got the Angular sample, translated it from TS to JS but I am not getting a result.
It shows the number of pages in the file but not showing them properly.

Any recommendation?


The error you’re experiencing is due to the current version of Doconut not supporting React. I have already notified the development team about this issue. However, as of now, there isn’t a confirmed release date for an update that includes React support.

In the meantime, you might want to explore alternative solutions or keep an eye on the official updates from Doconut for any announcements regarding React compatibility.

It is working now, but not stable especially regarding controls. Are Doconut Team working on a stable React version or it is impossible?


I am sorry that I cannot provide you with the exact time you would like to know but the Support team and the Development Team are different, They also have different goals and priorities that are part of each team. The support team does not know the priorities or next stories until they are part of the final release, so this way we do not tell clients something is coming out when in the end it is not. I hope you understand this. But I will personally take note of your user, and if I get information that this is coming on the next release, I will message you on the forum.

If possible, could you please send a demo of your React and Doconut project for a code review? This way I can help you identify if I found any errors when using Doconut.