Problem viewing specific PDF files

Hi, we came across some PDF files that open in other viewers but in doconut we receive
a “Expected Dictionary” error


To assist you better, could you please provide some additional details?

  • What version of Doconut are you currently using?
  • Additionally, which version of .NET is your application using?

To further investigate the “Expected Dictionary” error, it would be helpful if you could attach the specific PDF file that is causing the issue. Please ensure that the attached PDF doesn’t contain any sensitive or confidential information.

Thank you for your help

We use .Net framework 4.8
We use Doconut version :
DocumentConfig.dll → version
DocumentViewer.dll → version
DocumentFormats.dll → version
We are trying to get the file from the client. it is not easy.


Thank you for providing detailed information.

I have noticed that the version of Doconut you are currently using is outdated and no longer supported. To ensure an optimal experience and address issues like the one you’re experiencing with PDF file visualization, we recommend upgrading to the latest version of Doconut.

The most recent version includes significant enhancements, support for a wider variety of file formats, and fixes for various errors, which can effectively address the situation you are facing. Additionally, by keeping your application up-to-date, your company can benefit from the latest features and ensure compatibility with the newest technologies.

If you need assistance during the update process or have any additional questions, feel free to ask.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration!

How do i download the latest version ?


You can download Doconut’s latest version on our website:

Let me know if you need further assistance.