Open file from shared folder

hello dear ,

Docno is working well when open file from drives or from host, but not work when try to open file from shared folder

like ctldoc.opendocument(@“\TestFolder\Testfile.pdf”)

any help


To open a file from a shared folder, you need to provide the complete path of the shared file, including the machine name, and use four backslashes at the beginning. Here’s an example:


If you have any more viewer related questions, feel free to share them here.

You did not get my Problem, but I have solved it using DefaultRender=true


I’m glad to know you were able to solve the issue. I recommend exploring the demos of the Doconut package. You might discover additional functionalities, and the examples are set up with the correct configuration ready to use.

If you have any more questions about the viewer, feel free to share them here.