No Preview Available

When trying to view DWG or JPG files, we are not getting “No Preview Available”. So far, this happens on all DWG files and just some of the JPG files.

I am attaching two files. Slide4.jpg works, but TV-4.jpg does not.

Slide4.JPG (240.5 KB)

TV-4.jpg (135.2 KB)

Also, is there any type of debug mode I can run to so I can find, or assist you with these errors? I’m sort of running blind trying to fine issues.

PS, I could have sworn I posted this question last week…I probably forgot to hit the submit button!

version 24.5.3, webforms, 4.8 framework


Thank you for your feedback. We wanted to let you know that in the next Doconut version 24.6.0, the issues you are experiencing with viewing DWG and JPG files will be resolved. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work on these fixes.

Regarding your question about a debug mode, we do not currently have a specific debug mode available for this purpose. However, your detailed reports, exception messages, IIS configurations, and file attachments are extremely helpful in diagnosing and addressing these problems.

thank you. Any chance that you have a pre-release available or a date of releasing this? I’m sort of desperate to get these updates to our production machine.


Sadly, the development team does not have a pre-release option. Doconut version 24.6.0 will be released the next week.

I found the on NuGet. I know I’m being impatient by installing it prior to receiving my update email, however I thought I would try it out.

Do you have information for the parameters for the config? Obviously something has changed since many of the parameters are no longer valid.

We still can’t open all the images and receive the “No Preview available” error. And now the DXF and DWG files show the message.

Trying to open up Word and PDF files no longer work and we receive this error: " *The type initializer for ‘Pdf.XmpField’ threw an exception."