Issue With Number of Pages

We are encountering an issue where by the document being viewed is displaying additional pages than what is contained in the document, which as a result is effecting the content on the document as the table of contents does not line up with the pages in the document when being viewed.

As an example a document that contains 38 pages is displaying as 43 pages when viewed.

Is there any property to reduce the margin between the text and the tag with the number of pages?

It is not loading all the text on the same page and is cutting the end of the text to the next page, this is creating new pages.

Can you please assist with the issue?


To assist you more effectively, we would need to review the sample file that is causing the issue. Could you please compress it into a ZIP file and attach it to this post?

Kindly ensure that the file you share does not contain any confidential or sensitive information.

Thank you for your help.