HTM files and HTML files are not shown in the Document Viewer

Hi, we are using the document viewer for our solutions. Few weeks ago one of our partners reported to us that the document viewer has an error when trying to view an HTM file or an HTML file. I was able to reproduce the issue in ouur integrated system and in your demo. In your demo you say that the HTML file is a possible type.

Here you will find two screenshots:

  1. HTM file
    image.png (136.9 KB)
  2. HTML file
    image.png (136.8 KB)


Could you mention which version of Doconut is being used? The Doconut version had issues in the processing of HTML files.

To address this inconvenience, we have performed a complete update of the HTML engine in Doconut version

Feel free to update to Doconut version and let me know if you encounter any additional difficulties in the viewer related to HTML files.

Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:

Currently we have the version in our DMS solution. We will update to the version.

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