Error with DWG file (18.0 KB)
Hi. We can no longer open this DWG file with The old version of on our production server is fine. The error message we receive is “Invalid document data, 0 pages.”

This file is probably a bit different since it was created with CorelDraw instead of a real cad program. Regardless, it use to be able to read it in the past, and autodesk readers are able to view it.



Our development team has identified and corrected the issue with the DWG file, and the fix will be included in next week’s release.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that this new version of Doconut will include a new rendering system that you can use as an alternative if you are looking for improvements in memory usage and speed. While this new system is faster and more efficient, please be aware that there will be a slight reduction in image quality.

We are confident that this update will enhance your experience and provide you with more flexibility based on your needs.

Thanks. Hopefully we can get these dwg issues out of the way! Our manufacturing/assembly group doesn’t really like not being able to see their assembly diagrams. :wink:

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