DWG files are blurry

Assembly Drawing.zip (818.2 KB)

Hi, We have some dwg files that don’t zoom in properly and remain blurry. In the zip file are an example of one file that works, and the other doesn’t.

I also tested these files with your demo viewer with the same results.



Thank you for sending the two examples to test the issue. I checked it and the dwg file has 2 x 2 drawing units, and the viewer when displaying the file amplifies it and causes it to look blurry.

I have notified the development team and they have notified me that they are going to work on a solution for this issue.

I let you know when the new version of Doconut comes out with the issue resolved in this post.

Thanks for the update. I’m in no particular rush, just curious. What’s the normal timeframe for an update like this?


Doconut version was released just a few weeks ago, so the next version won’t be released soon. Regarding update schedules, the development team has its own set of priorities and timelines that are not shared with the support team, because if they have to make a change whatever we have announced will be wrong.

Additionally, it is important to note that the issue is not classified as a bug but as an enhancement, specifically related to the units of a drawing in the DWG file. We are actively addressing this matter to improve the user experience and appreciate your understanding in this regard.

Hi @RJT,

I appreciate your patience. The development team has been working hard, and the new Doconut version has been released. This update has successfully resolved a bug that was causing blurry rendering of DWG files.

You can go ahead and try it out. Feel free to let us know if you encounter any further difficulties or if everything works smoothly now.

It appears to be working on my development environment. We’ll update our production system in the next week or so. thanks!

Also, you may want to update your demo site since it doesn’t work on that one. :wink:



Thanks for your feedback.
Let me know if your production environment is going well.