Amazon Config

I use the cloud option with Amazon, and the project is inside a container within Amazon’s environment, can it work in this case even if I don’t define the details:
DoconutAwsS3Key, DoconutAwsS3Secret
And instead I will add to the container-role with access to S3?


You can assign the CloudOptions values in the Startup.cs file, from wherever you want to read the data. This is an example of the code you need to add to this file.

var cloudOptions = new Cloud.CloudOptions
    CloudUploadConfig = new AmazonConfig
        DoconutAwsS3Key = "YOUR-DATA",
        DoconutAwsS3Secret = "YOUR-DATA",
        DoconutAwsS3BucketName = "YOUR-DATA",
        DoconutAwsS3RegionEndpoint = "YOUR-DATA",


Let me know if you have other questions related to the viewer.

Is there any option not to use the DoconutAwsS3Key, DoconutAwsS3Secret as I asked before, or this is the only way to do that?
because I would like to use IAM ROLE or any other way instead of using the user information (key and secret).


No, this is not possible. Doconut needs these two properties filled.

If you do not want the key and secret stored in the code, you can read them on runtime from somewhere else, but that is something you need to code yourself.